Whether you are a dog lover, a cat lover, another type of animal lover, or all of the above, it is heartbreaking when a pet is diagnosed with cancer.  Unfortunately, in the bigger picture, dogs have the worst of it.  Not only are they the most common pet in America, but dogs now have the highest rate of cancer of any mammal on the planet.  And, though surgery alone can sometimes be curative (such as through the amputation of a leg), conventional veterinary medicine often cannot provide a durable cure for a pet with cancer.

Outsmart Your Pet’s Cancer  was written to help pets and pet owners by giving them another treatment option—a natural, non-toxic, herbal approach that in many cases is more effective at curing cancer than common toxic methods such as chemotherapy and radiation.  And author Tanya Harter Pierce has just the right background and ability to present this information in an accurate and easy-to-read way.  Though she always makes it clear she is not a doctor or veterinarian, she has the benefit of 20 years of experience researching cancer treatments for humans and communicating with hundreds of cancer patients who used alternative treatment methods. 

Tanya has never made money by selling a treatment product, and never will, because she believes her best skills are as a researcher/writer and that her highest mission is one of teaching and sharing helpful information.  Thus, Tanya only makes money on what she writes and from verbal consultations about what she has learned through her research and writings.  She hopes that readers of Outsmart Your Pet’s Cancer will find help for their pet in its pages and at the end of the book, she invites readers to share their stories as a way to help other pet owners even more.

And, of course, she hopes readers will find hope in the book!