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Outsmart Your Pet's Cancer

In this unique book, Tanya Harter Pierce presents heart-warming stories of recovery among 16 dogs and 6 cats using the remarkable herbal remedy known as “ESSIAC.”  Also included is a look at the history of Essiac, tips on how to use it effectively, and key issues every pet owner should be aware of for optimum success!

Sample Cases from Book

(Pancreatic Cancer, Squamous Cell Cancer, Lymphoma, Intestinal Cancer, Stomach Cancer, Undiagnosed Topical Tumor)


had surgery for metastasized pancreatic cancer. Her vet, however, said it would come back. Luckily, her owners gave her Essiac, she lived her normal life span, and the cancer never returned.


had squamous cell cancer in his sinuses and, because of the location, no treatment was viable. Though he could hardly breathe, his owners gave him Essiac. He was cured, lived 5 more years and died at age 20.


had lymphoma cancer and no one expected him to live. But his pet parent gave him Essiac and Jerry had a complete and lasting recovery with no return of his cancer.


was diagnosed with aggressive intestinal cancer and his vet said neither surgery nor chemo could cure him. But Essiac did, and he lived another 4 to 5 years cancer-free.​


was dying with a ruptured tumor in her stomach, internal bleeding, and a 2nd mass on her spleen. Surgery would cost thousands of dollars, which her owners did not have. Luckily, Essiac and one other supplement brought Lulu a complete cure.​

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was about 18 years old with a rapidly growing tumor on her back when her owner started her on Essiac. The tumor eventually disappeared and Fern died of natural causes at the ripe old age of 22.

About the Author

Tanya has been well known since 2014 for her first book,

OUTSMART YOUR CANCER: Alternative Non-Toxic Treatments That Work,

A popular resource for people with all types of cancer.

Now, she has come out with her latest book for


Author's Journey

It was in late 2001 that I found out my older brother had been diagnosed with cancer and not given a good prognosis.  He was told that his chance of achieving a mere 5-year survival with conventional treatment was only 50-50.  (And that was survival, not cure.)  For my brother’s type of lymphoma cancer, neither surgery nor radiation would help, and he dreaded having to do chemo.  Immediately, I started spending long hours searching the Internet, reading books, and even calling cancer survivors... Read More

The most detailed information about how to administer Essiac to pets for optimum results is in the book. However, 4 of the most important concepts are listed here.

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