How to Avoid Over-Vaccination

Using Titer Tests and Staying Informed

As discussed in Chapter 10 of Outsmart Your Pet’s Cancer, it is now known that pet vaccines can cause long-term health problems, or serious side effects including cancer.  In fact, years ago the cancer connection became such a big issue that many veterinarians decided to stop giving vaccines in a pet’s neck like they often did and began giving them to dogs and cats in a back leg instead.  That way, if the pet developed tumors later on at the site of the injection, they could amputate the pet’s leg to try to save its life.  This is a very unsettling thing to hear about, as is the long list of detrimental health consequences that can be caused by over vaccination, or what some are calling “vaccine over dosing.”

This blog article is not intended to question the value of vaccines, but rather, to reveal that many times, pet vaccines can be administered much less frequently than are currently recommended and still be protective to the pet.  For instance, rabies vaccines are recommended annually, yet a recent study showed that the protective action of the shots lasts at least 5 years.

Dr. Karen Becker is a well-known veterinarian who has had a huge online presence for many years.  In her June 26, 2022 newsletter, she detailed what pet owners need to know about how to prevent over vaccination and therefore avoid some of the health problems that may occur from giving too many vaccines.  The article is titled, Should You Vaccinate Your Pet Every Year?   In it, Dr. Becker reveals how pet owners can request a simple blood test called a “titer test” to determine if their pet is still showing immunity from their previous vaccination.  If they are, then that means they do not have to be re-vaccinated just yet.  To read Dr. Becker’s full article, go to

Dr. Becker also includes a link in her article to an interview she did with Dr. John Robb, founder of “Protect The Pets.”  Dr. Robb has taken up the fight against the establishment and speaks out against too many unnecessary vaccinations for pets.  You can read more about this topic on his website .  And to listen to an excellent discussion about over vaccination, titering, and the dangers of pet vaccines in general, watch this highly informative 26-minute video with Dr. Robb and Dr. Becker discussing these issues together.  ( click here )

Overall, requesting titer testing and staying informed about studies that are revealing new information (such as how long the rabies shots really last) can go a long way toward avoiding the dangerous health consequences of over vaccination!