The most detailed information about how to administer Essiac to pets for optimum results is in the book.  

However, 4 of the most important concepts are listed here.

  1. Don’t Miss Doses. It is tempting to use an herbal treatment as one would use common nutritional supplements such as daily vitamin C, vitamin E, B vitamins, Curcumin, etc.  This sort of nutritional supplementation helps to build up the nutrients in the body needed for healthy functioning, and is forgiving in terms of missing doses or days of use.  Some herbal use is forgiving in that way as well.  But when a person or animal is given a powerful approach such as Essiac for cancer, it is a very different situation.  Because of the nature of cancer which involves fast-growing cells that must be overcome, missing doses or days of treatment is not a good idea.  Most pets require an Essiac dose twice a day at a minimum, and some may need it three times a day to effectively control the cancer growth enough to achieve a cure.  Many people understand that they should not miss doses of their antibiotic medication if they want their bacterial infection to go away, and women understand that they must not miss their birth control pill on any given day if they want to prevent pregnancy.  Obviously, Essiac is not an antibiotic or a birth control substance, but the idea is that it is a powerful “treatment,” not a common supplement, and it works best when a daily schedule is followed diligently.  If pet owners stray from their daily schedule and miss doses, their pet may suffer setbacks and cancer growth.
  1. Give Your Pet a Big Enough Dose. Most people who use Essiac buy the herbs in powdered or bulk form and brew it up on their stove at home.  This makes Essiac “Tea,” which is really an herbal decoction.  There are instructions in the book as to what the “basic” dose size of brewed 8-herb powdered Essiac should be for your pet based on the animal’s weight.  (When using the 4-herb bulk Essiac, the instructions may be slightly different and will come with that product.)  There are also instructions as to frequency of the dosing.  However, always remember that dose recommendations can be gradually increased somewhat if your pet seems to need a higher dose and I would recommend speaking with your Essiac distributor for input on that.
  1. Don’t stop the Essiac right at the “All-Clear” Point. If you are fortunate enough to bring your pet to the point of no evidence of disease on any scans or other tests, then please remember that that is NOT the time to stop giving your animal daily Essiac doses.  Since scans are not perfect at detecting cancer, it is best to continue giving Essiac to your pet for at least a few months after the “All-Clear” point to be sure to get rid of any last microscopic cancer cells that may be hanging around.
  1. If Your Pet Is Already in Pain Due to the Cancer, you may want to consider working with your vet to use short-term chemo or radiation if a tumor or tumors need to be reduced quickly so the animal is not in too much pain.  This can also give Essiac time to work.  Pain medication may need to be prescribed in cases such as this as well.  The Essiac can then be administered at the same time as the chemo, radiation, or pain medication.

A Handy Tool – Essiac doses are usually described in ounces, so purchasing a small measuring cup for measuring liquids in ounces can be very helpful.  These may be found at most kitchen or cooking stores and are often plastic with an easy pour shape.  Alternatively, you can purchase a glass shot glass with the number of ounces marked on the side at these same stores.