PART ONE  —   The History of Essiac                            

Chapter 1      A Gift from Native America                          

Chapter 2      Dr. Brusch and the 8-Herb Tea           

PART  TWO   —   Case Stories           

Chapter 3      Large  Dogs                                               

Ingrid  –  St. Bernard with Metastasized Pancreatic Cancer        

Fawn  –  Shepherd/Huskey with Mast Cell Cancer             

Miss Bailey  –  Labrador Battling Aggressive Sarcoma       

Cashy  –  Boxer with Cancer in Paw                     

Buck  –   Boxer/Lab with Fatty Lipomas and Arthritis      

Sampson  –  Mixed Breed with Multiple Masses                       

Chapter 4      Medium-Sized  Dogs                                    

Lulu  –  Pit Bull with Advanced Stomach Cancer            

Moe  –  German Shorthaired Pointer Given 3 Weeks to Live       

Bart  –  Pit Bull with Aggressive Intestinal Sarcoma                 

Lacey  –  Lab Mix with Massive Inoperable Tumor          

Chapter 5      Small Dogs                                          

Angel  –  Bichon Frise with Mammary Gland Cancer      

Handro  –  Lhasa Apso with Squamous Cell Cancer in Nose   

Chloe  –  Chihuahua with Undiagnosed Mass                            

Xarius  –  Chihuahua with Seizures                                            

Lucy  –  Dachshund with Liver Cancer                                       

Magee  –  Dachshund with Heart Problem and Cataracts              

Chapter 6      Cats                                                            

Mao  –  Cat with Throat Cancer                                                 

Orphan Annie  –  Cat with Cancer in Brain and Bones          

Goldilocks  –  Cat with Undiagnosed Internal Mass                 

Hyaene  –  Cat with Undiagnosed Tumor on Gall Duct          

Jerry  –  Cat with Lymphoma                                                     

Fern  –  22-year-old Cat with Recurring Tumor                      

 PART  THREE   —   The Bigger Picture

Chapter 7       Understanding the Skeptics                                 

Chapter 8       Writing This Book                

Chapter 9       Tips for Using Essiac           

Chapter 10      Knowing What NOT To Do 

Chapter 11      Final Thoughts